Festivals of Serifos

 Almost all churches function in memory of the Saints to whom they are dedicated.

The institution of "owners" which is still valid today, contributes to the preservation of the festivals and by extension the music and dance tradition of the island. The founders, also called brothers, are a group of people, mainly from the area where the church is located and beyond, who every year make sure that the church operates by offering personal work and money.

On the evening of the eve, as always, vespers is celebrated and the icon is taken around the church. The baking follows immediately after. After the distribution of the bread to those present, the banka is laid, i.e. a table to treat the pilgrims. In the first bench sits the priest with the singers. When everyone has eaten, the cooks and the other owners sit at the table.

The food offered on the eve is usually fava beans with local olives and onion as well as tourlou. On the day of the celebration, boiled meat with soup or short macaroni (souludico or pasta) and plenty of wine. If there is a fast on the day of the feast, the reverse is done. Food and wine at the festivals are offered by the owners.

After dinner, the fun starts, the institutions take their place and start dancing. The festivals older, they kept several days. Today is limited to two.

The most important of these are:


  • 30 January, of the Three Hierarchs, in Alogomandra
  • 23 April, Saint George at Vigli in Sykamia
  • 25 April, of Zoodochos Pigi, in Liomandra
  • 5 May, of Agia Irini, in Koutala
  • 21 May, Saints Constantine and Helena, in Vagia and Kallitsos
  • Of the Holy Spirit (a moveable feast), at Megalo Chorio and to Panagia in Liomandra
  • 1 July, of Agioi Anargyroi at Kalavatsena and Galani
  • 7 July, Agia Kiriaki
  • 13 July, at Mikros Taxiarchis in Sykamia
  • 17 July, Agia Marina
  • 20 July, the Profitis Ilias
  • July 27, of Agios Panteleimon
  • 6 August, of Sotiros at Kalo Ampeli and Pyrgos
  • 14 August, celebrations are held in the churches dedicated to the Virgin Mary (in Ramos, Skopiani, Liomandra)
  • 15 August, of the Virgin Mary, at Pyrgos
  • 16 August in Panagia
  • 23 August, at Panagia Emiliani and Agios Nikolaos at Skala Sykamias
  • 29 August, of Agios Ioannis the Forerunner, in Sclavogianni
  • 2 September, Agios Mamas
  • 7 September, Agios Sostis
  • 8 September, the Virgin of the Mountain, in the Avessalos
  • 24 September, Ayia Thekla
  • 26 September, of St. John the Divine, at Agios Ioannis
  • 8 November, at the Moni Taxiarchon
  • 25 November, of Saint Catherine in Nochta.