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The Greek island of Serifos in the Cyclades, with its rich history and mythology, mainly related to mining, has established itself in recent years as one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Could it be because of its many beautiful and quiet beaches? Is it because of the myth of Perseus and Medusa?


Is it because of the strategically built circular Chora, which was once used as an observatory and now generously offers its impressive views? You can decide for yourself which elements will enchant you the most during your vacation in Serifos. Here are ten things you can do in Serifos.

1. Wander in Chora

A walk in Serifos begins with a wander around Chora, perhaps the most photogenic of the Cyclades islands. Start your walk from Kerameio in Kato Chora, where you can see the best works of modern Cycladic art. Then, at the top, the Castle offers a panoramic view of Sifnos, Milos and Kimolos, and the most picturesque square of the island, Pano Square, where you can taste the most delicious rakomelo (raki with honey) .

Let us show you step-by-step the Chora of Serifos.
Pro tip: If you like hiking, take the path that goes up from Livadi. This way you can see more of the Country and the view from there will seem more magical. Yes, the island of Serifos offers spectacular views from so many points that it can be described as romantic. In short, it is an ideal island for couples.

2. Explore the mines in the Mega Livadi

The holidays in Serifos are followed by one of the most emblematic attractions of the island. Its mines have influenced the history of the island since the 6th century BC. Thanks to the mine, Serifos has its own currency depicting Serifos' animal, the frog.

The main attraction is Mega Livadi, with its blown-up bridge, where in August 1916 the first bloody uprising in modern Greece took place, resulting in the establishment of eight-hour work for miners. Explore the caves, see the rusted wagons and touch the mineral-rich rocks. You will become one with this wonderful Greek island.

3. Panagia Skopiani - 15 August Festival .

Authentic holidays on the island of Serifos have the taste and smell of an island festival. The Cycladic islands have a traditional festival, which takes place in August with great fanfare and culminates on the eve of the feast on August 15. The most magnificent and traditional festival in Serifos takes place in the small church of Panagia Skopiani, built on a slope overlooking only the sea.

The festival is accompanied by a local white wine and traditional dish made with chickpeas and goat cheese.

4. The church of the Panagia Skopiani has amazing view of the Aegean Sea

Experience the holidays at the church of Panagia Skopiani.
The sun rises from the horizon before your eyes, while the violins and the lyre continue to sing.

5. Beach hopping on the southern beaches

Due to its topography, the island of Serifos has many beaches (locals say there are more than 72) and they are very close to each other. This means that during your vacation in Serifos you can enjoy diving, snorkelling and scuba diving on all the beaches of the island. Start from Kalo Ambeli, rest under the beautiful tamarisk trees of Vagia and Ganema and save your energy for the wild beauty of Maliadiko.

6. Sunrise in Chora

In Chora tis Serifou you may not see a sunset over the sea, but you will see some of the most spectacular sunrises. Of course, this will be after a wonderful but relaxing evening in the shops and street corners of Chora. The racomele of the Stratus, the Cocktail of the Donkey, the rhythm of that song you left for the Frog, all make your ears hum and make the morning sun look like it's straight out of a well-written novel. Topic, what else? The Magical Sheriff.

7. The way to Petrias mountain

What else can you do in Serifos? To climb high places. If the view from the Castle of Chora is not enough for you and you want to enjoy the Aegean from a higher altitude, you can climb the path of Petrias.

It is a marked and easy path, which ordinary tourists would never choose. Tip: don't forget to smell the musky bushes you'll come across along the way.

8. Quiet beaches even in August

Serifos is a quiet island, ideal for couples, and any traveler will love the fact that there are several beaches that are empty even in August. Platys Gialos, Skala and Avesalos are examples. How many of the 72 beaches can you visit during your holiday in Serifos?

9. Beekeeping hives collected in July

Serifos is an island where you can get close to nature, adore it and humbly accept everything it gives you. The bees of Serifos produce a unique honey from thyme and wild lavender, which very recently acquired Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. They skilfully manage the intense summer melt, drought and Cycladic sun to create the right conditions for the bees to thrive and collect their honey respectfully. the collection of honey in July, together with the sounds of the island and the fresh honey, make the holidays in Serifos the ultimate unforgettable Cycladic experience.

10. Afternoon coffee in Upper Chora

Rumor has it that on a summer afternoon, time stands still as you sip Greek coffee in one of the beautiful Cycladic squares. For Pano Piatsa (Agios Athanasios square), this is not just a rumor, but a great truth. The colorful tables, the jewel-like town hall, the smiling grandmothers who greet you on the street, the church bells, the wonderful smell of coffee being roasted on the terrace. All these images are the everyday life of the most beautiful square of the island.